Children’s hospital faces third bomb threat over anti-trans conspiracy theories

Children's hospital faces third bomb threat over anti-trans conspiracy theories

Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital was the target of another bomb threat on Wednesday, its third since August. The hospital serves transgender youth and was the subject of a right-wing harassment campaign in the past year.

“This morning, the hospital was again the target of a bomb threat,” the Harvard-affiliated medical center said in a statement. Boston Children’s is committed to making the hospital a safe place for everyone who works and comes here.

The previous two bomb threats targeted the hospital’s Gender Multispecialty Service program, the country’s first pediatric and adolescent transgender health program.

Right-wing troll Matt Walsh, LibsofTikTok’s Chaya Raichik, and Fox News host Tucker Carlson began sparking outrage over the summer with false claims that the hospital mutilated children.

After staff and patients were evacuated on Wednesday, police determined the latest threat was hoax.

In October, 37-year-old Catherine Leavy was charged with making a false bomb threat and knowingly conveying false or misleading information that a bomb was on its way to Boston Children’s Hospital in connection with the threat reported in August. 30. A search of Leavy’s residence on 15 September found the telephone allegedly used to make the call.

In August, Raichik spread the false story to her 1.5 million followers that Boston Children’s was performing hysterectomies “for young girls” as part of their gender-affirming care program. Such operations were or are not available to trans boys under the age of 18. The disinformation was amplified in right-wing media.

In September, Walsh targeted Vanderbilt University Medical Center with similar false information, claiming that the hospital’s Transgender Health Clinic “now castrates, sterilizes, and mutilates both minors and adults while apparently taking steps to make this activity available to the public.” to hide.”

Walsh criticized the clinic’s Trans Buddy program – which provides support for patients – and repeatedly accused the medical staff of “drying and sterilizing” children for financial gain.

Soon after, Carlson shared the names and photos of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center board of directors as he railed against hospitals that provide gender-affirming care. He urged the board, and by extension its viewers, to “do something to stop these crimes”.

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