Brown Books Kids launches the debut series of children’s books by Dr. Donna Housman, focused on mental health

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dr. Donna Housman has launched the first two books in her children’s book series, ECSELent Adventures, with Brown Books Kids. These books aim to support the mental health of young children by helping them deal with and process difficult emotions through storytelling. The series features fun, relatable, and diverse animal characters who experience various life challenges, such as loss and exclusion, as a way to foster positive, age-appropriate conversations about difficult topics.

In the first book, “Gilly and the Garden,” otter siblings Hemmy and Shemmy (ambassadors of the ECSELent Adventures series) touch sensitively on the loss and grief of the death of a beloved pet. “Theo’s Deliciously Different Dumplings” celebrates diversity and inclusion after Theo, a koala bear, is bullied on the first day of school for being different from his classmates. “Gilly and the Garden” was released on September 27, 2022 and “Theo’s Deliciously Different Dumplings” was released on November 29, 2022.

Each book contains tips and guiding questions for the reader to connect the topics to children’s experiences as they explore the many emotions that arise from challenging situations.

“Children are not immune to life’s challenges and tragedies, and by helping children understand and process difficult topics and emotions, we can promote and support their mental health,” said Dr. Donna Housman. “The ECSELent Adventures book series promotes the building blocks of emotional intelligence, which goes hand in hand with education for character and moral development.”

A clinical psychologist with over 35 years of experience, Dr. Housman began her career working with children and adolescents on issues such as anxiety, depression and suicide. Believing that prevention is much easier than repair, she founded the Housman Institute, a training, professional development, curriculum, and research organization. Its globally recognized evidence-based approach to emotional, cognitive, and social learning for young children, start at ECSEL™ promotes healthy brain development and a positive sense of self from birth.

Dr. Housman is a founding member of the board of directors and treasurer of the Massachusetts Association for Infant Mental Health, a subdivision of the World Association for Infant Mental Health. She has trained thousands of preschool educators, children and families in her ECSEL approach while being a consistent source of essential counsel and guidance for families and educators. Peer-reviewed research of her start at ECSEL™ approach has been published in international journals.

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