Apple is again allowed to sell 5G products, including iPhone 14, in Colombia

Apple had been under restraining order in Colombia for several months. The Cupertino-based tech giant was unable to sell any of its 5G products in that country, including the new iPhone 14. This was all due to ongoing litigation with Ericsson over licensing and patent infringement. Now, however, an appeals court has overturned that order.

Apple is successfully arguing that preliminary injunction against its 5G products should be lifted

The dispute between Apple and Ericsson is ongoing in several countries. It all comes down to expired license agreements and the failure of a new contract between the two companies. Lawsuits will soon begin in several countries, including the US, to settle the matter once and for all.

Since April 2022, Colombia has banned Apple from selling all of its 5G products there. This includes not only smartphone models dating back to the iPhone 12 family, but also several iPad models. The full trial for the case will begin in June 2023 in the Colombian courts.

According to FOSSPatents, Colombia’s appeals court agreed to withdraw a preliminary injunction against the sale of 5G-enabled Apple products. Since Apple wouldn’t sell a 4G-only iPhone 14 model in Colombia, it means that the latest smartphone can finally reach the Colombian consumer.

The state of 5G in Colombia

Of course, besides allowing consumers to buy the latest Apple devices, allowing the sale of 5G-enabled products doesn’t mean much in Colombia. The country’s mobile infrastructure does not yet support 5G. However, since it didn’t make much sense to release an iPhone 14 model with 4G instead of 5G, Cupertino has been unable to launch its latest device there.

The order also affected Apple’s other mobile devices. The more recent iPad models all include 5G modems. Apple Watch, even the latest model, only includes 4G/LTE support, so that wearable device was safe.

Next, we’ll have to see what comes of the various lawsuits on the matter around the world. In September, the world’s largest patent warrant court in Munich held the first hearings on a case and rejected Apple’s request to dismiss the case. Another German case is pending before the Mannheim Regional Court, as well as cases in the UK and other jurisdictions.

In the US, the case will be presented to the court of the Eastern District of Texas in the US on December 5.

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