YouTube Music surpasses Melon Music as the most used streaming platform on Android in South Korea

There were a number of music streaming platforms in South Korea that got a lot of love from music listeners in the country.

Platforms like Melon Music, Genius music, FLO, Naver atmosphere, Bugs musicand Kakao music have been the preferred streaming platforms for South Koreans. But with the introduction of other music streaming platforms like Spotify and youtube musicmore Korean listeners have moved away from these Korean music streaming sites.

In fact, since October this year, YouTube Music has become the most popular music streaming platform among Android users in South Korea.

The research was conducted by Wise App·Retail·Goods, an app/retail analytics service, with a sample of Android smartphone users over the age of 10 in Korea. In the month of October 2022, “YouTube Music” was the most used music streaming app on Android by Koreans, used by 4.59 million people.

After that, Melon Music had 4.54 million users, followed by Genie Music with 2.32 million, Flo with 1.49 million, Naver Vibe with 1.06 million, Spotify with 540,000, Kakao Music with 360,000 and Bugs Music with 320,000.

In particular, the music streaming app with the largest increase in users compared to the same month last year was YouTube Music, which rose by 1.11 million from 3.48 million in October last year to 4.59 million in October this year .

After that, Naver Vibe rose 230,000 from 830,000 in October last year to 1.06 million in October this year, and Spotify rose 50,000 from 490,000 in October last year to 540,000 in October this year.

On the other hand, Melon was the music streaming app with the biggest drop in users compared to the same month last year, dropping 520,000 from 5.06 million in October last year to 4.54 million in October this year. Since then, Genie Music has decreased by 340,000, Flo by 340,000, Kakao Music by 200,000 and Bugs by 20,000 users.

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