Windows 11 allows audio streaming from Android devices

For example, you can listen to your favorite music directly from your Android phone through the audio system connected to your Windows 11 PC, synced through the Phone Link app developed by Microsoft.

Originally known as Your Phone, the Phone Link app now offers the best solution for synchronization between Android and Windows 11 devices, allowing users to transfer photos and files from their phone, view notifications and text messages, and even have access to Android apps. While some of the most attractive features are still offered exclusively to Samsung device owners, the Your Phone app is definitely useful for the rest of Android users as well.

According to Microsoft, Android users can now hear and see “everything that happens on your phone” right on your PC. In the most mundane scenario, you can hear the notification sound triggered by an app on your phone directly through the audio system of the PC you’re working on. But perhaps even more useful is how you can listen to the sound playing from any app, from dedicated audio streaming services like YouTube Music to messaging apps where you want to hear your incoming message in audio form.

Discovered by analyzing the app’s code, the new Phone Link functionality is currently inactive, but will surely be officially announced by Microsoft in due course.

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