Sonic Lamb’s new headphones deliver music through your skin and bones

What you need to know

  • An audio startup company has announced the arrival of what they claim is the world’s first pair of headphones that let you hear and feel the music.
  • The Sonic Lamb headphones combine air and body conduction to deliver bass to your skin and bones and send audio to your ears as sound waves.
  • These headphones are currently available on Indiegogo for $199, with shipping expected in February 2023.

An ideal audio experience requires a mix of multiple audio drivers specific to each audio spectrum and a subwoofer unit for low frequencies, but most headphones are limited to just one audio driver. An audio startup known as Sonic Lamb is trying to address that limitation.

Sonic Lamb claims to have created the first headphones of their kind, combining a regular audio driver to reproduce mid and high frequencies that are sent to the ears as sound waves, and a proprietary driver that combines air and body conduction to make you feel the music literally and hear him too.

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