POLICE BEAT 11/16/22: Walmart hit with more shoplifting, fraudulent returns | News

An alleged shoplifter told officers to let her go because her granddaughter was with her.

On October 29, Officer Mitchell Sellers responded to a woman charged with shoplifting. Andrea Buckhorn said she should be released because she had her granddaughter in the car. She pointed out her car to Sellers, and he found it empty. Buckhorn gave the officer her granddaughter’s description, but the employees were unable to see her in the store. Video footage showed no one exiting the vehicle except Buckhorn. The woman called her mother and officers were told the granddaughter was at her home. Employees said Buckhorn hid a pack of batteries on her before attempting to leave the store. Buckhorn was booked on charges of obstruction, petty theft and a warrant.

Officer Michael Gray was called to Walmart on October 26 after a woman intercepted $400 worth of merchandise. Employees said Stormy Wilcox traded a cheaper ticket on a set of sheets and didn’t pay for groceries. Wilcox was escorted to the asset protection office and then taken to jail for petty theft and trespassing.

On October 24, Agent Sellers was sent to Walmart because a woman filed a fraudulent report. Employees said Rebecca Sharp brought merchandise to the service desk and was able to get $50 in gift cards. Sharp was taken to jail and booked for petty theft.

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