Olmsted County Releases Community Health Needs Assessment for 2022 – ABC 6 News

(ABC 6 News) — The 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), detailing Olmsted County’s health priorities, is available to the public. This year’s CHNA is the fourth report since 2013 of a collaboration between Olmsted County Public Health Services (OCPHS), Mayo Clinic, and Olmsted Medical Center (OMC).

The 2022 CHNA shares comprehensive data and information about the health and well-being of Olmsted County residents. The assessment continues to confirm that the health status of Olmsted County is very positive and compares favorably with our state and nation on many health indicators. However, it also shows that the community could do more in certain areas to improve health outcomes. There are still differences for many residents, and they deserve our shared focus and resources.

The 2022 CHNA also identified three priority issues that have a significant impact on health: mental health, drug use and access to care.

“Almost every Olmsted County resident is affected by one or more of these issues, with our vulnerable populations often bearing a disproportionate burden. We look forward to working with our partners to address these health concerns,” said OCPHS Director Denise Daniels.

The online format for the 2022 CHNA report is interactive. The interactive platform contains all collected data and tools to navigate the report. Users can choose to enable or disable different data points. For example, some charts include race and ethnicity data where a user can view each racial group separately. The tool also allows people to zoom in on charts and view detailed information as they hover over data points.

“The 2022 CHNA is the first time an interactive online platform is used to share the data. We are excited to share this innovation with our community,” said OMC President Dr. James Hoffman.

The 2022 CHNA will allow OCPHS, Mayo Clinic and OMC to continue working with community members to develop action plans to improve community health priorities.

“We thank the many community organizations and community members who contributed to this effort and provide valuable services every day to help keep our community healthy,” said Mayo Clinic Executive Dean of Practice Dr. Amy Williams.

Click to view the CHNA 2022 here.

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