Microsoft is removing the Nearby Share feature from the Office mobile app in December

If you are one of the consistent users of Share Near on the Mobile Office appit’s time to say goodbye to the file sharing feature now as Microsoft is retiring it next month.

“We have found that the Share Near feature meets some, but not all needs,” Rohan Gulati, a product manager at Microsoft, announced in a statement. blog post. “We will remove the Nearby Share feature from the Office app as we evolve to bring the best of Microsoft 365 on mobile. This change will affect users of the Office app on Android and will be effective December 31, 2022.”

This feature allows files to be sent and received between two Android phones over a wireless connection controlled by the Office app. The method Sending and receiving files is pretty straightforward and intuitive as long as both phones use the Office mobile app, but Microsoft seems to have other ideas and plans for sharing files on portable devices.

“We made this decision as we continue to reassess the value our users derive from the Office app, and we are committed to providing experiences that are consistent, reliable and enable our users to be productive across all of their devices,” adds Gulati. “It is in our drive to streamline our solutions that we have decided to discontinue this feature.”

It is unclear whether Microsoft plans to replace it with better file sharing functionality on other mobile systems and other phones (since it is not available on certain Huawei devices), but the product manager emphasizes in the blog that the function is still accessible until December 31, 2022. After that date, the function will be completely removed from the app, while the files that were previously shared via the app will continue to work.

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