Iowa receives nearly $20 million from Walmart

Much attention has been paid to the recent opioid crisis. Actually, it is not a recent problem, it has only recently been elevated to the status of ‘crisis’. And for good reason. But who is to blame? A group of several state attorneys general has a pretty good idea.

For the second time in as many days, outgoing Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has announced a major settlement with the huge company that is a household name. This time that company is Walmart.

In a press release sent to this station, Iowa’s AG confirmed that the state will receive $19.9 million from Walmart as part of a multistate settlement with the big box retailer over its alleged part in the opioid crisis.

Walmart through Google

Walmart through Google

In the press release, AG Miller stated:

Too many lives have been lost or destroyed by the opioid epidemic. My fellow attorneys general and I hold accountable the companies that caused and fueled this crisis.

Miller made sure it didn’t give the impression that Walmart was in legal trouble,

This deal with walmart adds to the important progress we have already made through our settlements with opioid manufacturers and distributors.

The settlement with Walmart includes:

  • $3.1 billion to be distributed among signatory states, local governments and tribes. As stated, Iowa would receive $19.9 million.
  • The settlement money is to be used to provide treatment and recovery services to people struggling with opioid use disorder.
  • There would be court-mandated requirements, including robust oversight to prevent fraudulent prescriptions and flag suspicious prescriptions.

Walmart has strongly disputed its responsibility in the opioid crisis. The settlement with the retail giant has received national attention. CNN reports in the same story that attorneys general from New York, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas joined Iowa to help negotiate the agreement with Walmart.

Iowa was part of a 43-state effort, and other states have yet to approve the settlement. Miller indicated that a settlement with CVS and Walgreens may be next.

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