I bought $4 Apple AirPods dupes at Walmart – two features left me shocked

A TIKTOKER has unveiled the ultimate Airpods dupe at an impossibly affordable price.

Two features in particular were just like the Apple originals.

A TikToker showed off this $4 Airpods dupe


A TikToker showed off this $4 Airpods dupeCredit: TikTok/kylekruegerr
After a test, he swore they were just as good as the real thing


After a test, he swore they were just as good as the real thingCredit: TikTok/kylekruegerr

Kyle Krueger, @kylekruegerr on TikTok, began his video with, “I was at Walmart today. I saw a lot of stuff on sale…

“These caught my eye. Walmart branded Airpods for four bucks.

“I have these cheap Airpod imitations. Let’s try them.

Kyle was immediately impressed that the earphones use USB-C.

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Unlike Apple’s, the top of the case was a plastic closure, not a magnetic closure.

“But the earbuds are actually magnetic,” Krueger said, dropping one into the case, showing it being quickly pulled to the bottom.

The Walmart-branded pods also came “DOA,” so Krueger had to charge them a bit before doing an official test.

“Okay, they’re about 5% charged, but we’re going to connect them to my phone,” he said when they were ready to at least turn on.

Krueger cuts his own shocked face and says, “Wait a minute. What? Okay, they may be cheap, but they sound just as good as normal Airpods.”

Still, Krueger made sure to specify, “Not the pros, but they sound just as good as the ones that look like this.”

In the comments, a TikTok user mentioned a few more surprises that make the pods different from their official Apple counterpart.

“Yeah I love this one! The only problem is no microphone and you can’t change the tap controls,” they confessed.

Another exclaimed their durability, saying “They work well too. I’ve had three pairs. Even works after being through the washing machine.”

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A third TikTok user said the battery lasts quite a long time.

“I got that one and the battery lasts for a week (using 6-7 hours a day),” they said.

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