Hidden ‘tap trick’ instantly speeds up your Android phone – and it’s completely free

IF your Android smartphone has suddenly slowed down, there are actually a few tricks you can try to speed things up.

There are the usual tips that you’ve probably tried before, like clearing data.

The magic happens by unlocking the developer options


The magic happens by unlocking the developer optionsCredit: @chillrogg

But under the hood of your Android smartphone are some more interesting settings.

And they are actually hidden from view.

For example, those slick animations on your phone.

While they may look nice, they absorb some of your device’s system power, which can actually slow things down.

Scale it down a bit and you might notice things speeding up a bit, according to TikToker chillrogg.

“If you have an Android, you have to try this,” he explains.

“It makes your phone feel much faster.”

To do it, open Settings and go to About phone All the way at the bottom.

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Then select Software information.

Here’s the unusual part – search Build number and tap it several times.

You may be prompted for your password or PIN at this point.

Do that and it unlocks the special Developer optionswhich you are now at the bottom of it Settings page.

Scroll from there until you see Windows animation scale.

Change it from 1x to 0.5x.

Do the same with Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale.

Now you should hopefully have a bit of a speed boost.

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Of course, be careful with all the other settings you work with in the developer options.

As the name suggests on the tin, these are mostly for experts, so it’s best not to change anything else.

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