Download Size Free Fire OB37 Update for Android and iOS (MAX Version)

Garena is all set to release its long-awaited OB37 version for its global Free Fire MAX players. The update comes with a ton of new features and other additions that players will love. These include new modes, weapons, pets and much more.

The developers have already taken the servers offline for a maintenance break. Once it’s over, players will be able to check out all the new features and enjoy them with friends and teammates.

This article discusses the download size of the Free Fire MAX OB37 update for Android and iOS devices.

Download size free Fire MAX OB37 update for Android and iOS

Players are always curious about the download size of an upcoming update to free up some storage space on their devices. Free Fire MAX requires a minimum of 2 GB of free storage space for proper installation without any errors. The OB37 update has the following download sizes for Android and iOS platforms:

  • Download size for Android: 587 MB
  • Download size for iOS: 1.1 GB

Top features to look forward to in the Free Fire MAX OB37 version

1) New Modes

Here’s a list of all the exciting modes that will be coming in the OB37 update:

Zombie Hunt (available November 16, 2022)

  • Mode offers three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard.
  • The team mode is set to the team by default. They have to pass the difficult stage to unlock the solo mode.
  • Go through the six stages and defeat the final boss to win.
  • Players are brought back to life moments after being knocked out, as long as they have at least one surviving teammate.
  • Individuals can select a buff after passing each stage.
  • Talents are permanent battle boosts. Gamers can improve them using the talent points earned during the matches.

Football Squad mode (available in Free Fire MAX from December 2, 2022)

  • A 4v4 mode and gamers have to shoot as many goals as possible within the time limit.
  • Players can choose to play as an attacker (using Tatsuya’s Rebel Rush ability) or defender (using Chrono’s Time Turner ability).
  • Users will randomly receive a Gloo Wall or Flash Freeze during the match to help them.

Football Fire – Social Island (available in Free Fire MAX from November 16, 2022)

  • Individuals can use the Football Shooter to shoot the ball and score goals. The side with the most goals within six minutes wins.

Bomb Squad 5v5 (Upgraded Mechanics and Optimization Highlights)

  • The mode has a much larger spawn area. This allows for greater freedom of movement when communicating about attack/defense strategies.
  • Every Free Fire player on the attacking team now carries a bomb.
  • Once Free FIre users are eliminated, they can no longer be helped.
  • The gas station platform at point B is lowered and the front gate is widened for balanced gameplay.
  • They can participate in this championship during the FFWS period.

2) New weapons

The new OB37 update also includes a brand new weapon, along with fixes to several other weapons in the game. It’s called Trogon and has a shotgun mode that’s useful for close-quarters firefights. It has an average base damage of 26 and a range of 15 meters with a firepower of 3 bursts.

Weapon balance adjustments

  • AN94 – Rate of fire +5%, range +6%.
  • MAC10 – Accuracy +5%.
  • Thompson – Accuracy when moving +10%, movement speed when shooting +10%.
  • VSS-I – No longer deals continuous damage.
  • VSS-II – No longer deals continuous damage.
  • M500 – Headshot effective range -20%, damage +10%.
  • Desert Eagle – Headshot effective range -20%, rate of fire +5%.
  • Woodpecker – Damage effective range +10%.
  • AC80 – Effective damage range -10%.
  • Kar98k-I – Removed the biotech scope.
  • Kar98k-II – Removed the biotech scope.
  • Lone Wolf Mode – FF Knife can deal 999 damage and the available amount is increased to 10.

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