Donald Trump’s healthcare advisers are waiting

When I asked Republicans who currently has former President Trump’s ear on health policy, some of them literally laughed — he’s not exactly focused on health care right now.

Yes but: As Trump gears up for his “very big” announcement tonight, there’s an entire think tank of people willing to give his ear on a host of issues, including healthcare if and when the time comes.

  • And there is a larger universe of conservative or centre-right policymakers vying for influence over the party’s future health ambitions.

Where it says: A bunch of former Trump administration officials or Trump allies have landed at the America First Policy Institute, and some sources say it’s generally best prepared to advise the former president on policy issues.

  • The health care team is led by former Governor Bobby Jindal and by Heidi Overton, who was a White House fellow on the Domestic Policy Council under Trump.
  • Trump himself gave a speech at the think tank this summer about drugs, addiction and transgender athletes.

The big picture: Other Trump alumni are trying to exert broader influence over health policy without being attached to any candidate.

  • Joe Grogan, director of the DPC under Trump, described himself as currently candidate-agnostic, but working toward conservative health policies that could eventually be adopted by all.
  • “Right now, our approach is just to develop health care reforms that are in line with free market principles, and I don’t care who adopts them,” said Brian Blase, who was a member of Trump’s National Economic Affairs Committee. Council and is now president of Paragon Health. Institute.
  • “I think we’re trying to address a void in the free market community to develop innovative health reforms.”

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