Apple pulls 541697 apps from the App Store in Q3 – nearly 25% discarded

That all App Stores are littered with junk and outdated apps is not news. But Apple clears 541697 apps in the third quarter and leaves it with 1,642,759, which is big news.

It’s even bigger news, as 439,000 were culled in the second quarter. Now with 1,642,759, Apple lags far behind Google Play Story (Android) with 3,553,050 apps.

Why is Apple clearing 541697 apps in Q3

Remember, the Apple App Store started in 2007 with the first iPhone. It desperately needed apps to counter what was left of Windows Mobile. It enticed developers to put an app on the App Store as a way to bolster the iPhone’s lead.

But in that rush, it forgot about quality, and some apps were shocking. Not just poorly written, but data collection in disguise. It also created a nightmare for users to find the right app – there was too much choice.

Apple says about 64% of App Store apps haven’t been updated for at least two years or more. It’s the same with Google Play and almost every other app store – Amazon et al.

App numbers used to be about bragging rights – mine is bigger than yours. It should be about the quality and usability of the app.

Will my deleted app stop working?

It has been removed from the App Store. It will still work, but on your next iPhone upgrade you won’t find it or sideload it (you may be able to restore it).

CyberShack’s view – Apple clearing 541697 apps in Q3 is right in many ways

Let me segue. When Microsoft launched Windows 10, it said times had changed and it needed an operating system fit for today – more secure, better hardware usage, etc.

Apps are the same. If they are not regularly updated, they use older, more insecure languages ​​and APIs and are not hardened to current security standards.

Apple warned developers earlier this year, and all a developer had to do was log in and mark it as updated. Most don’t.

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