Apple is tweaking the iPhone 14 Pro’s screen to make it more Android-like

Always-on display is one of those features that come with the iPhones much later Android phones had it. Apple got the feature only for the iPhone 14 Pro models and received some criticism for its implementation. We preferred Apple’s implementation – as it shows a lot more than just a blank, dark screen – but many critics felt it wasn’t well done and preferred the Android way. It looks like Apple is giving users of iPhone 14 Pro models an option to customize how they use the always-on display mode.

How does the always-on display work

The 16.2 developer beta now brings a tweak to the always-on display feature. Users will now see two toggles that allow them to turn off wallpaper or notification when the always-on display is active. If someone turns off the wallpaper, the screen will go blank, and if notifications are turned off, none will appear on the lock screen. Instead, users will only see the time and any widgets that may be installed on the lock screen.
The feature is available in the Settings app, where users can go to the “Display and brightness” menu. Once here, they can tap the “Always On Display” option and the two new toggles will be added.
Please note that the always-on display feature is only available on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max models. It is not clear when Apple will roll out the public version of iOS 16.2. If rumors are to be believed, it could arrive sometime in the first or second week of December. iPhone users in India will be eagerly awaiting iOS 16.2 as it will bring 5G support for the first time.

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