Andrew Garfield says late mother will meet his future children “in spirit.”

Andrew garfield feels that his mother’s spirit is by his side.

The Tap, tap… Boom! actor recently thought about the possibility of having children in the absence of his mother Lynn, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2019. As Andrew imagined his mother would be there for that milestone, he shared her shall present in a different way.

“Life seems to be a constant exercise of letting things go,” he said GK in an interview on Nov. 15. “Letting go of an idea of ​​how something should look, or be, or feel. And that’s a big one [to let go of], because of course I would have liked my mother to have met my children, if I were to have children. And she will. In spirit. She’ll be there for it. I know she’s there, for all the greats.”

On having children, Andrew, 39, commented that he has worked to free himself from the pressure of reaching that step at a certain age.

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