A new option for pediatric autism therapy, Reno Children’s Center holds grand opening

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) — The wait for services may be over for many families with an autism diagnosis.

The Reno Children’s Center (1698 Meadow Wood Ln) has officially opened its doors and is ready to begin providing services.

“It’s no coincidence that we’re here,” said Brian Steinberg, VP of Operations at RCC. “We know what the needs are, we know how long the waiting lists are and we’re here to help.”

The center specializes in applied behavior analysis, or ABA therapy, which focuses on early intervention and uses positive reinforcement to encourage positive behaviors such as sharing, taking turns, and safe play while reducing harmful behaviors such as hitting or biting.

“The evidence tells us that the younger the child, the better the outcomes will be,” Steinberg said. “ABA is the only known therapy to get your child from A to B as quickly as possible.”

RCC has 12 therapy rooms, a gym and a rest room. Steinberg said what makes them unique is their fast intake process and their own ABA brand.

“We teach precision education with a huge focus on activities of daily living and not just ‘Hey ABA tell your child to talk or do x, y, z,'” he said. “It’s not necessarily what’s typical of ABA, it’s what’s unique to that child. “

The center-based program is for children on the two- to six-year-old spectrum. RCC currently works with six families, but positions are still available and all major insurance plans are accepted, including Medicaid.

If RCC is not right for you, the staff can put you in touch with other resources.

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