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UGA Trivia Team Ready to Win NBC’s ‘Capital One College Bowl’

Parsa, a part-time construction worker, is a STEM student at heart, but knows a lot about English. “I am the modern Renaissance woman,” she observed. Odunade is in politics, inspired by Barack Obama’s entry into the White House 14 years ago.

The competition show, filmed at Trilith Studios earlier this year in Fayetteville, is hosted by former NFL star Peyton Manning with his brother Cooper providing comedic commentary.

In the opening round, the UGA demolished the University of Florida with Leahy’s two-minute punch dominance readily evident. Their quick movements gave them 13 correct answers. Florida answered eight. The UGA won 675 to 360.

“It was great meeting the other team,” Leahy told AJC. “They were really nice. Mostly I was revived more than anything. I had no real expectations of winning and winning that way.”

The quarterfinals against the University of Texas at Austin were significantly tighter.

Georgia won the first two rounds and jumped ahead 80-10.

“Georgia looks balanced,” said Peyton’s brother Cooper. “Go Dawgs. Sic-’em!”

Texas came back during the transfer round, briefly jumping ahead 130-100 after Georgia lost all three Oscar-nominated animated films (“Avatar,” “Up,” and “Toy Story 3.”) Georgia had a slight advantage ( 140-130) heading into the two-minute practice, where Leahy this time made several mistakes, but his team answered enough questions (nine) to secure the win. Texas started strong and had nearly 20 seconds to take the win, but lost the final three questions.

During the final six competition called “Blitz” that aired last Friday, Georgia barely beat Syracuse University. During the two-minute exercise, Georgia again correctly answered 13 questions, equaling the first-round total, and only missed two. (Leahy this time gave his teammates a chance to help him and they gave him several correct answers.) Syracuse ended up with 12 correct answers, losing only one tie by a few seconds.

The four finalists will compete at 8pm on Friday, followed by the finals at 9pm.

University of Georgia

Layla Parsa

Age: 21

Year: Senior

Specialization: Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Business in general

Hometown: Marietta

Fun fact: She participates in the Bahá’í Students’ Association as a volunteer at local food banks and cleaning roads. Layla is also part of the Society of Women Engineers, intramural fencing and STEM and enjoys listening to and playing music in her spare time. She owns large amounts of comic books.

Favorite trivia category: Pop Culture

Aidan Leahy

Age: 21

Year: Senior

Specialization: History and Public Administration

Minor: Portuguese

Hometown: Suwanee

Fun fact: He studied abroad at Oxford University for one semester. Aidan also competed in the International Quizzing Olympiad as part of the US team and is currently the captain of the UGA quiz team. He likes climbing.

Favorite trivia category: Pop Culture

Elias Odunade

Age: 21

Year: Senior

Specialization: Political Science

Hometown: Norcross

Fun fact: Elijah was a “College jeopardy” quarter-finalist and volunteer at his local senior center. In his spare time he plays football, tennis and listens to music, especially 1980s new wave.

Favorite trivia category: Sports

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