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Stan Wawrinka lifts the lid on Mirka Federer’s infamous drama

Stan Wawrinka (pictured right) getting frustrated and (pictured left) Mirka Federer shouting support.

Stan Wawrinka (pictured right) revealed the ‘tense’ drama between himself, Roger Federer and Mirka at an ATP Finals match in 2014. (Getty Images)

great tennis Stan Wawrinka finally revealed the ‘tense’ drama that unfolded between him, Roger and Mirka Federer during a fiery match at the ATP Finals in 2014.

Wawrinka recently told young people Paris Masters Champion Holger Rune to ‘stop acting like a baby’ after the opening match at Bercy.

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The unusual encounter between the two sparked a call back to 2014, when Wawrinka accused Mirka of distracting him during a match with Federer.

Wawrinka was locked in an epic three-set encounter with his countryman in the finals of the year-end tournament when drama threatened to boil over.

The three-time Grand Slam championship appeared to converse with the chair umpire and accuse Federer’s wife Mirka of distracting him before the serve.

Reports claimed that Mirka called Wawrinka a ‘crybaby’ during the courtroom drama.

Wawrinka appeared to point at Federer with his racket during the exchange and said, “What did she say?”

“She did the same thing at Wimbledon. Every time I’m on her side, she screams before I serve,” Wawrinka told the chair umpire.

“It’s unbearable.”

Stan Wawrinka clarified the tennis drama he had with Roger Federer and Mirka Federer (pictured) in 2014. (Getty Images)

Stan Wawrinka clarified the tennis drama he had with Roger Federer and Mirka Federer (pictured) in 2014. (Getty Images)

Stan Wawrinka reveals consequences of ugly fight

Speaking to RMC after his match against Rune, Wawrinka reflected on the situation with Federer and Mirka.

“For sure, it was very, very tense right after the semifinals,” Wawrinka said of the 2014 match.

“Very, very hot, very, very complicated, on both sides. Good thing there were no cameras in the hallways and locker rooms back then.

“But again, at some point, when you get caught up in emotion, by things that aren’t necessarily your fault, you have to know how to distance yourself.”

Despite the bitter match, Wawrinka said the friends put that behind them so they could team up for the David Cup just weeks later.

“Don’t forget everything we’ve been through together, let the night and the next day go by, don’t see each other and then just argue,” he added.

Roger Federer (pictured left) and Stan Wawrinka (pictured right) embrace.

Roger Federer (pictured left) and Stan Wawrinka (pictured right) have shared many battles on the court but remain friends. (Photo by Peter Staples/ATP Tour)

“We had to remember that we had a Davis Cup to win. I was not going to let a small argument, which became a big one because of emotions, get in the way of this victory.”

Wawrinka and Federer remain good friends.

The 2014 edition came after Wawrinka’s bizarre post-game showdown with Rune.

The 19-year-old defeated Novak Djokovic in the Paris Masters final to win his biggest tournament to date.

However, Wawrinka appeared to share some harsh words with the youngster in the first round.

After Rune defeated Wawrinka in a thrilling three-set battle, the Swiss star appeared to tell his opponent, “My advice to you is that you stop acting like a baby on the court.”

Rune looked surprised by the words and nodded.

The Danish prospect certainly ruffled some feathers during his short stint on the ATP Tour. But the humble words of the Grand Slam winners regarding Rune certainly came as a shock to the tennis community.

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