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FSU head coach Mike Norvell speaks with DJ Lundy, Jared Verse, ending the ACC game after Tuesday’s practice

Florida state coach Mike Norvell met with the media on Tuesday to review his morning workouts and ask questions. FSU will head to Syracuse this weekend to face Syracuse Orange for the final showdown of the conference. The Noles are coming off a 45-3 win over the Miami Hurricanes last weekend, which was the biggest points margin scored in series history, and a win on Saturday will be the first time the Noles will finish the ACC game. with a winning record since 2016 (10-3, 5-3 ACC.)

Norvell said he thought today was good practice as they were implementing the schedule for this weekend’s game.

“I thought today was a good Tuesday training, a good start to the week; there were a lot of variations of what we’re working on, you know, just the different looks of Syracuse getting our scouts and all lined up, especially defensively just to try and present as close to simulating what we could see with a little different scheme. I thought our guys had a good attitude and mindset with the job.”

Linebacker DJ Lundy scored a touchdown last Saturday while playing at quarterback. Norvell said he loves the FB position and elaborated on what Lundy brings.

“I don’t like this position, I love this position. It is one of the purest positions in football. When you play as a defender, you have to have it all.” he said. “It’s a toughness, mindset, skill set, agility to be able to work and get people wrong while you’re tracking guys and blocking. It’s funny because everywhere I’ve been, I’ve always had a defensive player who was our centre-back.” adding that “it is explosive power. There are certain guys that you want to see where the weight is needed, but I mean, if you have explosive power, you’re going to do great things… When we went into the recruiting process, I saw that for him, and he’s great.”

Defensive back Greedy Vance was transferred from Louisville in the off-season and left with his second career interception against Miami. Norvell commented on his improvement.

“He’s really doing a good job, and I think the increase in his confidence and what he has to do and just the work that he’s doing, he has a great future. He made some impactful plays; It was great to get the second interception of the year.”

Norvell was asked what stood out with Jared Verse and what he first saw in the film when he was exploring Syracuse last season.

“It wasn’t something I studied last year, but I remember the flash. I saw one of the plays that stood out to me was Tucker going out on a long run, and Jared, you saw him open up and run, and it was impressive to see a big guy that ran and chased the ball the way he did” he said, “It was someone who jumped in the movie. As you watch different opponents and someone, you’re not looking for someone, and they show up, it’s impressive.” adding that “evaluation is the key to success, in my opinion”.

This weekend’s game against Syracuse will be the last conference game on the calendar, and Norvell said he wants his team to finish strong.

“I mean, for us, it’s about our steady growth, but I mean, this is our last ACC opponent, and we want to finish our ACC schedule the right way, and we’ve had some really good times. We had some setbacks, but this is the last one we have, and we want to make our mark this year in what we were able to do at the conference; we play a challenging conference schedule, and this is definitely a challenging task ahead.”

Mike Norvell tackles the challenges of life as a college athlete, evaluating players, and more in his full interview below.

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