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Bryant’s basketball coach defends scoring increase in 108-point win over D3 school

Bryant University men’s basketball beat Thomas College 147-39 on Monday night.

Coming off their first bid at the NCAA Tournament, Bryant’s Division I men’s team went 22-10 (15-2) and won the Northeast Conference last season. The Thomas Terriers, a Division III team, had a 4-14 record (1-10 in the North Atlantic Conference game).

Bryant coach Jared Grasso defended the scoring increase, saying, “I’m never going to tell my guys to stop playing hard… whether it’s playing Thomas or Kentucky.”

According to Grasso, he “really spread the minutes” for the starters in the second half and stopped the team from pressing with “10 to 12 minutes left” in the game.

However, he says that playstyle is something that cannot be changed. “We played really hard, we pressed, we played fast and now we have to improve,” he said. “In terms of playstyle, I can’t change what we’re going to do.”

Grasso also stated that the victory was a character-building exercise. “I don’t care about the score, I don’t care who we’re playing with, it’s about us being mature enough to go up 50 points now and show up and play the right way in the second half,” he said. .

Although the match is listed on Thomas’ schedule as an exhibition game, the win will contribute to Bryant’s regular season record.

Bulldogs coach Jared Grasso cites Bryant’s “style of play” as he defended Monday night’s 108-point victory. (Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports)

Doug Edert had 19 points in Bryant’s win over Thomas. The former star of the Cinderella story “March Madness” from St. Peter committed to moving to Bryant in April and will likely be instrumental in Grasso’s efforts to “improve” the team.

Never without his signature mustache, Edert hit a trip of three in the first two and a half minutes of the second half, helping to increase the score and secure the Bulldogs’ 108-point victory.

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